A Change in Seasons

Ah fall. I always seem to get nervous in August that I’m not ready for summer to end, but then a beautiful crisp day comes about and I pull on my pants, jacket, and boots and there’s no turning me back. I love fall! Goodbye sweating and seeking shade, hello cozy layers and marveling at the beautiful change in seasons.

It’s a great time to bust out the camera and take some fresh pictures of the kiddos enjoying the outdoors. And that’s just what I did.

fall kid portraits

Reuben is my little adventurer. He’ll go anywhere (especially the opposite way you want him to) and he won’t stop for anything.  He loves finding sticks for his pup Moose and flowers for his mama.

fall kid portraitsDon’t forget about scouring the bushes for the last of the blackberries this season. He’s going to be so disappointed when berry season has finally ended and I’m going to actually have to feed him snacks…

Next, little miss Ava turned two months old so I foraged some of our literal fruits (hmm and vegetables?) of the season for her 2 month pictures!

fall kid portraits

fall kid portraitsfall kid portraits

I love watching my pumpkin grow! She’s so precious and this mama is so thankful.



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