visual storyteller

become a

Bring your brand to life with images that tell its story.

Your clients will connect to your product when they can connect to you.

Use professional curated photography sessions to distinguish you,           

the maker

I'm passionate about go-getters who work hard to achieve their business goals and dreams. You guys fuel my creative fire! There's nothing as invigorating as hearing your story. I'll unravel the narrative; the beginnings, the hurdles, the victories, and the dreams. There will be emails, questionnaires, phone calls, and hopefully coffee/wine to make sure I know YOU before I start clicking away on my camera.


The Curator

25 curated photos meant for social media.

1-2 hours styling and shooting.



The Entrepreneur

50 curated photos meant for social media, headers, and websites.

2-3 hours product and portrait shooting.



The Professional

45 curated story telling images 4 times a year.


Schedule out to be ready for each season.