Chris + Janie

I first met Chris and Janie when I was a junior in high school. They’ve always been active in serving the youth and community through Young Life, teaching, coaching, and just plain loving on people through service of all kinds. They’d also probably kick your butt in any physical challenge! I’m not sure what athletic event they haven’t tried, but I’d put my money on the list not being very long!

What’s also fantastical is they’ve been married for 10.5 years! So we celebrated with a dreamy spring photo shoot. It looks like we walked right out of the wardrobe into springtime Narnia doesn’t it? Everything about it was gorgeous. And though there are serious pics in the mix, we really had a hard time keeping a straight face! But they did it for me, and I love them for it 😉

So much love to these guys and they’re huge servant hearts.


Janie’s wedding ring is a combination of both of her grandmother’s rings. How incredibly special is that?

This is totally and completely a Crane Pose as shot on their wedding day (in wedding dress!)! I love it!



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