Lake Chelan Beebee Springs Wildlife Area Family Shoot

If you’ve ever been to Lake Chelan, you might be surprised that this family session took place in the area, what with all the lush greenery! We found this spot down at the Beebee Springs Wildlife Area near the Columbia River on the outskirts of Lake Chelan. The winding gravel paths, green swaths of grass, hidden wooden bridges and benches made for fun family photos!

The Kellys were obviously what made this session so incredibly precious! I met Kayla through stalking, yes it’s as simple (creepy) as that, the photographers in the valley when I moved over. I was hoping to find a friend in a creative entrepreneur who could ramble endlessly about nerdy photography, business, kids, and other adventures with me. Not only that, but someone I could swap taking family and business photos with!


Kayla and I hit it off and I’m just so grateful for her kind heart and sweet family! They have the cutest farm with a renovated farmhouse, little goats, and recently, a fresh yellow lab puppy! We have so many similar interests and could talk till the cows (which we both love) came home.

Their two little boys keep them on their toes more than anything. It’s really just amazing all the other things they get done in a week!

Kayla is an amazing photographer (I’ll share the family pictures she did of us soon!) and her husband Brogan is a man of many talents. Daddy, woodworker, professional handyman, musician (with Kayla’s accompaniment often!), and DJ! I’m probably even forgetting a few side hustles and hobbies in that mix, but I think you get the picture of his general awesomeness.

I’m thankful to know this family here in our new town. I’m excited for the adventures that Kayla and I will share as we spur each other on in our passion for creating and capturing beautiful moments and all other aspects of life!

You can find and contact Kayla on her website and Instagram <3



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