Matt + Brandi Engaged

A Spring Engagement Session | Anacortes, Washington

2018 marks the beginning of my wedding photography journey and I feel so incredibly blessed to be kicking it off with the most amazing clients I could ask for! I’ve always dreamt of being involved with the most important day in a couple’s life. When I was younger I thought it might be in the way of a wedding planner, but once I got my creative hands on a real camera, I knew wedding photography was what I really meant to do.

I started getting distracted at weddings watching the photographer do their thing. Things that most wedding goers just tune out as they watch, and should watch, the main attraction. But more than just the action of taking pictures, I’m thrilled to share a part in the adventure of two becoming one. The excitement of the engaged, their plans, their stories, their giddiness — it fills me up and I know I’m doing my dream job.

But I needed some couples to trust me in order to get going! Thanks to Emma and Nathan, Matt and Brandi were sent my way and said “Yes!” to being a Karisa Anna bride and groom!

We met at a local property under gorgeous Mt. Erie for a romantic and jovial engagement session. Brandi mentioned she’s always dreamt of pictures under a willow tree and I’m so happy I could make it happen! 

How could I not?! I love making sweet little dreams a reality.

But seriously how cute are they! I loved hearing the stories of them meeting, her saying no, and him “just knowing” she was the one he was going to marry. And if you saw them together, you’d know God had his hand in that love story!

Can I also love that these field of dandelions went to seed just in time for this shoot? They’re perfect!

By the way, I grew up in this town and only now have eyes for all it’s amazing photo op locations. How have I never noticed this before?!

Brandi and Matt I can’t wait to take part in your special day in September! You are sweet souls and I’m excited for the life God has ahead of you.



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