Custom Logo


Represent yourself, website, or business strongly with a customized logo.

Please answer the below questions and email them to  I will then invoice you for your project. Pre-payment via “add to cart” is not available at this time.



Your custom logo is meant to represent you, your website, or your business! We will work together to create the perfect match.

The Process:

  • Before payment, please email me any questions and answer my questions below so I can determine if we’re a good fit.
  • I will invoice you via PayPal for the project.
  • Once I’ve received payment, I’ll create 3 logo concepts and send them to you within 7 business days.
  • Once you’ve emailed me your first revision requests, you then have a full 7 business days to request more revisions.
  • Please see my FAQ page for more information.

What You Receive:

  • ONE final custom logo in PNG + JPEG formats
    • Various dimensions according to your needs.
    • Color codes used in your design.
    • Font names and links.

What I Need From You:  (Please brainstorm as best you can for this part so we can get you the product you really want! This will make our revisions quicker and more efficient. You can email me any links, images, and pins for these questions! The more the merrier. (*Please note that your logo will be unique and not a tweaked “replica” of something else.*)

  • 3 images/projects/photographs (personal or other) that represent your blog, business, or website.
  • Do you have a tagline? Would you like it in your logo?
  • A few sentences or bullet points of what you envision for your blog/brand.
  • Do you have specific or loose ideas for you logo? Let me know!
  • Do you want to see icons, graphics, watercolor, metallic/gold elements, etc. – or NOT see particular things. (What erks you? What makes you go “oo yah that!”?)
  • Do you like a certain style or combination of styles: minimal, playful, sweet, bold, sassy, rustic, simple, quiet, colorful, b+w. What styles do you wish to avoid?
  • Do you have particular colors that are a MUST have in your design? Colors to avoid?
  • Do you have specific fonts that are a MUST have in your design?
  • Finally, I need you to be critical! In the best of ways. Take time to analyze everything I’ve sent to you and compile a thoughtful, thorough, list of critiques so I can get exactly what you are looking for.

Payment and Refunds:

  • Payments are up front before the delivered product.
  • If we cannot find the logo that is 100% perfect for you, I will issue a full refund at your request! I want to help you make your blog beautiful so if there is anything along the way that you are unhappy about please voice your thoughts so we can move forward in the best direction!