Custom New Blog Setup


Start blogging today without a harried beginning by having me to all the grunt work to make it the beautiful blog of your dreams!

Please answer the below questions and email them to  I will then invoice you for your project. Pre-payment via “add to cart” is not available at this time.



Time Frame

  • 7 business days for setup
  • 7 business week for major change requests
  • 30 days of blog support


  • Help you setup with your hosting site. My preferred host is Siteground.*
  • Help you choose a theme *
  • Design your custom logo & signature
  • Set up and organize your blog
  • Custom Video Tutorials
  • Provide 30 days of blog support

* Items will have costs to you outside of my setup costs.

Blog Setup Includes

  • Headshot
  • Custom Designed Logo
  • Customized Colors
  • Menu Items
  • About Page
  • Contact Page
  • Key Plugins
  • Instagram Slider
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Connecting your social media accounts

In Addition

  • I will create or link to short, custom tutorials (video or text) of how to operate your WordPress Blog on your own.

Video/Written Tutorials Will Cover

  • Introduction to your WordPress Dashboard and technical terms.
  • How to write a good looking blog post
    • How to upload and place images in your post
    • How to organize and label images
    • How to categorize and tag your posts
    • How to properly add links to other websites within your posts (on images or text)
  • How to change your sidebar widgets
  • How to’s for specific sidebar widgets that you’ve had uploaded
  • Other requests within the 30 days of blog support

Questionnaire Before We start 

  • What is your blog for?
    • Lifestyle, DIY, Fashion, eCommerce, combination, etc.
  • Are there specific things you want your blog to do? Feel free to provide examples of blogs you love.
  • What is your style?
    • Minimal, feminine, classy, vintage, eclectic, boho, etc.
  • Do you already have an Instagram that your blog coming after?
  • What is your blog name? Do you want to have a tagline?
  • How tech savvy are you?
    • I don’t like figuring out how programs work, it overwhelms me.
    • I click around and figure things out.
    • I find tutorials online and on YouTube.
    • I’d rather pay someone to figure out everything for me.
  • What computer system are you working from? A PC or Mac?
  • How do you plan on editing your pictures? How would you like to be able to edit your pictures?
  • Here are the questions that I will need answered to design your custom logo. Please just answer all that are applicable to you as a new blogger!


  • Hosting is how you get a website that has a “.com” and is customizable. There are free websites, but you can customize it.
  • Hosting will cost you around either $35 for one year or $142 for three years. If you pay for three years upfront you’ll get the cheap rate of $3.95/mo. If you pay for one year, the following years you pay full price at $10/mo.
  • I will need to use your usernames and passwords to access Siteground, WordPress, and either Etsy or Creative Market (to download your theme).
  • I only work with WordPress themes.
  • You can give me ideas for your blog theme based on your favorite blogs and I will curate themes for you to choose from to simplify the process and make sure the theme is as customizable as we need.
  • I accomplish all of the above tasks within one week of purchase. You have the following week to request major changes. You then have 30 days to request further support. This support will include quick tweaks on your blog and some video tutorials or links. Thereafter it will cost $25/hr for custom work.
  • After the two weeks of setup and tweaking, it will be up to you to find any pluggins and widgets you want operating on your website. This is as easy as googling “Wordpress pluggin for [fashion slider].”
  • I am not able to tweak the code of your website beyond what the theme developer will consent to do. If you have specific requests to edit your theme that cannot be done through the themes built in customizer or a pluggin, you will have to pay the theme developer or an external developer to do so.
  • You can always change themes whenever! It requires a little work, but it’s fairly easy and completely possible to get a new look.

Please ask any and all questions before we get started! I’m excited to help you create the blog of your dreams!