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September 30, 2019

It takes a really special person to plan and execute the most magical surprise in your happy place. When Ryan and Kaitlin came out Labor Day weekend to visit her grandparent’s in Chelan, Wa, you might think she would be expecting something. They had just celebrated a dating anniversary after all, but Ryan bought her something pretty before their getaway to throw her off his scent.

When they arrived for a fancy date at the enchanting Sorrentos Ristorante in Chelan, I was already tucked away up in the vineyards awaiting their meal to finish. Ryan sent out a few sneaky texts to let me know when they were heading up for a walk my direction. We both underestimated Kaitlin’s adventurous side and her desire to climb to the very top of the vineyard, but Ryan steered her into the earlier rows, specifically the one just preceding mine.

As soon as they walked in, I came around the corner to catch Ryan dropping down to one knee with a Chelan marriage proposal to remember. Kaitlin’s sweet reaction had the row of ready to harvest grapes glowing. The following moments, I quietly snapped away as they reveled in this new beginning of their lives. We wrapped up with a few more engagement photos around Tsillan Cellars and I left them to share their excitement with friends and family.

Well done Ryan! And the best to you two as your plan your wedding and marriage adventures. I’m forever in your corner!


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