Fall Photo Outfits

October 2, 2018

Fall family pictures are in full swing in the Pacific Northwest! The leaves are starting to change, the air is crispy, fall fashion favorites are being displayed around every corner, and people are gearing up for their holiday cards! So what’s your fall photo outfits color palette?!

“But what should we wear for our family pictures” is by far the most common question I get when clients sign up for a session. So this year I made it easy and did the closet or store shopping for you! Well, at least visually! Follow these no fail palettes for the best family pictures! Need more inspiration? Check out my curated Pinterest board I send to all my clients! https://www.pinterest.com/petitemdnlife/karisa-anna-photography-outfit-inspo/family-outfit-inspo/

Fall Photo Outfit Tips

  1. Make it simple and beautiful by keeping colors similar, but varying the textures of each person’s outfit. Think cable sweaters, satin blouses, cotton shirts, jeans, and slacks. I encourage family’s to not do all jeans, but it’s totally fine to have a pair or two in there!
  2. You can go more playful by mixing and matching patterns within a color palette. Stripe shirt, floral dress, and light dotted blouse.
  3. Darker colors, thin (rather than thick) stripes, and long sleeves are slimming on the figure.
  4. Accessories like hats can be cute, but they will add shadow to the top of your face.
  5. Neutral colors are timeless and edit smoother than bold and bright colors. Avoid neon colors, bright red/yellow/orange/blues. These colors will reflect in your face or the face of your family in the pictures.
  6. Mix and match, but matching outfits are totally not out! Do what you want!
  7. Want a really Christmassy shot? Bring those flannel button ups to throw on for one picture! Or bring a Christmas colored blanket and sign to have that fun Facebook Christmas photo!

Fall Photo Makeup Tips

  1. Wear lip color to make your lips not be washed out.
  2. If you contour or do blush, add a little more for camera pop.
  3. Add a little brightener or highlight under the eyes to chase those bags away.

Fall Photo Posture Tips

  1. This is something I always help with at my shoots, but know that I’ll help pose you in the most flattering angle possible! I always encourage my ladies to go belly button to their man’s hip, with half their chest behind his arm. Then you pop your front knee out a little for a beautiful slimming effect!

  2. Men, we’ll keep you mostly square on towards the camera to keep your shoulders broad and body tall.
  3. I’ll direct your hands to comfortable, natural positions, like your pockets, through his arms, or around your kids!
  4. For kids, we’ll get them in a variety of positions so you get the best shot you were hoping for!

All of the outfit items below are sourced from my favorite place to shop, H&M! However you’re bound to find great fall items and Target and Old Navy for great prices too. And remember, it doesn’t hurt to borrow some fresh clothes from a friend for FREE!

Neutral Fall Photo Outfits

If you look in my family’s closets you will see a LOT of this. So I might be biased this year that these are the best colors! Khaki, gray, burnt orange, brown, dark navy, creme, stripes, and basic plaids. You cannot go wrong here in my opinion!

Fall Photo Outfits

Pastel Fall Photo Outfits

It’s like Easter, but WAAAAY better. Sweaters, velvet, soft florals, and colored pants (which are totally in).

Fall Photo Outfits

Relaxed Fall Photo Outfits

If you don’t want your family to feel stiff and uncomfortable in their getup, opt for something more relaxed and fun! For this set I blended some reds, pinks, cremes, and jeans. Black jeans with a blue jean jacket? Heck yes. Her lacy black top and his red flannel? So cute!

Fall Photo Outfits

The *Favorite* Fall Photo Outfits

This consists of the beloved maroon tops, grey plaid or plain sweaters, hints of teal, jeans, and creamy dresses.Fall Photo Outfits

I hope this helps prep you for a fantastic family photo session! I look forward to seeing you in ours!


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